The Journey

I love taking people on a photographic journey into discovering their Strength, Confidence, and Inner-Beauty.

My name is Mackenzie Spiers with Living Digital Creations, a Portrait Photography business I run from the comfort of my home along with Dawn, my Lonely Bride of almost 13 years, here in Edmonton Alberta. It's here that I photograph people, including couples, and families all with a creative flare and painterly style.

I believe that holding a photograph in your hands has so much more meaning then simply seeing it on a screen, so I offer the experience of photographs displayed in a beautifully crafted folio box. I also offer large Wall Art prints.

I truly believe that by using photography I can empower a person into believing in themselves all by showing them how great they are.

And this is what I do - empower people using Photography.

I'd love to talk to you more about planning a portrait session with me.