CHHA-ED 2022 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

On Wednesday June 15, 2022 The Canadian Hard Of Hearing Association for Edmonton (CHHA-ED) will be hosting its 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at The Links Golf Course at Spruce Gove, Alberta. The funds raised will be going to the Hearing Assistance Fund - to assist those in need with Hearing loss.

Mackenzie Spiers with Living Digital Creations will be photographing the event for CHHA-ED, posting the images on the Client page for a Special Digital Download rate to those that attended the Golf Tournament. A Donation for each image purchased will also be made to CHHA-ED.

Those Who Attended or Sponsored the Golf Tournament

A Special Portrait Session is also being made for those that Attended or Sponsored the Tournament.

Until the end of September 2022 any person who Attended or Sponsored the CHHA-ED 2022 Golf Tournament will be given an option to receive a $100 Voucher towards the purchase of a Portrait Collection OR pay full price for their Session and I will make a $100 Donation to CHHA-ED. After September 30, 2022 arrangements will be made with CHHA-ED to make one Donation of all Funds Collected from the Digital Sales of the Golf Tournament and the Special Portrait Sessions outlined here.

To request this Special Gift Voucher simply fill out the form below using the same email that was used to register for the CHHA-ED Golf Tournament.

Some Conditions Apply:

1) The person or business must either have attended or Sponsored the Golf Tournament.

2) Living Digital Creations will only make a Donation of $100 once all Funds have been collected in full. This includes if Payment arrangements have been made.

3) Before the Voucher or Donation is made CHHA-ED will be contacted to Confirm that the person or business attended or Sponsored the Golf Tournament.

4) Portrait Sessions must be Booked prior to Sept 30, 2022 to quality for the Voucher or Donation

Please provide your Golf Player or Sponsor Name or Business Name

Please use the same email as registered with CHHA-ED

Please indicate either a Player or Sponsor of the event