Revisting a Scene

One of the many topics that I’ve read while studying photography is the importance of revisiting the scene of a photo shoot. How the light of the scene can change depending on the time of day or even the season of the year can go a long way to changing how an image can look.

Close to where I live is a large pond where geese and ducks have been raising their young every summer for years. There is even a shy muskrat or two that has successfully avoided my camera so far. I have literally hundreds if not thousands of pictures of geese and ducks: geese with their babies, geese eating bread, ducks eating bread, geese swimming, ducks swimming. You get the idea.

I have been photographing this area for over ten years and in all the seasons. I got to the point of where I thought I had seen it all – birds, trees, people walking their dogs. I thought there wasn’t anything left to shot that was different. Awe so naive was I in my thinking.

Today while coming home I looked out at the pond as usually while walking by and I saw something that stopped me dead in my tracks. Right by the pond in an area that I’d seen thousands of times before was a Blue Heron!

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

I rushed home to grab my camera and to my pleasant surprise the heron was still there when I returned!

To say that I took a lot of pictures of this beautiful bird would be an understatement! What came to mind after my excitement began to calm down was various articles and videos all talking about the importance of revisiting the scene of a photo shoot. I learned a powerful lesson today. That not only can the light of a scene change by returning another time. Not only may you see something that was missed before. But now I learned that something new could come along and plant itself right in the middle of an otherwise seemingly over-photographed area.

When I left the blue heron was still standing by the pond enjoying itself. I don’t know how long it stayed there or how many people saw this rare sight, but I know that at least I did and was even privileged with being able to capture the moment. I’m just glad that I learned a valuable lesson today – that you can never run out of things to photograph, even in a familiar area.

Blue Heron having lunch
Blue Heron having some lunch

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